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If you want to find out about the NSW Parliament, the Education Section of the Parliament of NSW web site is helpful.  You can also get information about the electoral system in NSW from the State Electoral Commission.

If you want to learn about the Australian Parliament, you can get some great information from the Parliamentary Education Office on the Parliament of Australia web site. You can find out about the Australian electoral system from the Australian Electoral Commission.

The Governor-General of Australia is the Queen’s representative. In practice, they are Australia’s Head of State and have a range of constitutional and ceremonial duties. The Governor-General is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Australian Defence Force.  

The NSW Governor is also appointed by the Queen and is her representative for NSW. Like the Governor General, the Governor has many important duties.

If you are looking for general information about Australia you can access a wealth of statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.  Statistics gathered by the Bureau help Federal, State, Territory and Local Governments plan how to best allocate government services.