Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Today, Jonathan O'Dea MP, Member for Davidson raised concerns about the explanations coming from RailCorp and the Minister for Transport. Following the discovery of yet another faulty and dangerous train carriage at Lindfield Station this week, Jonathan O'Dea claims that RailCorp is truly "off the rails". 

Jonathan O'Dea said  “Thousands of Davidson Electorate commuters use Roseville, Lindfield, Killara, Gordon, Pymble and Turramurra rail stations every day.  I am one of them and share the public's frustration and anger at the State Government's sub standard service delivery.  This is particularly so for North Shore train services where older carriages are generally in use.  
In my private sector experience, if there are repeated business breaches or systemic failures, then staff are either removed or properly reprimanded.  Minister John Watkins' refusal to reprimand those responsible is pathetic and reflective of the union movement's control over the Labor Party."
Today, the CEO for RailCorp stated that “a lack of quality processes” relating to maintenance is the cause of the train system problems. This is the reason being given for the recent maintenance faults with trains in the last week.

It seems that both the Minister for Transport and the RailCorp CEO are unaware that the organization has a range of Third Party Certifications with SAI Global to the International Standard ISO 9001 for the management of quality processes including maintenance.
This is verified on the Joint Accreditation System Australian and New Zealand (JASANZ) register easily accessed on the Internet.

Jonathan O'Dea said ”The reports raised by the external certification body auditors (SAI Global) should be made public so that we see the truth and whether proper process has been followed”.

For confirmation or enquiry about this information please call: 0418 241 500
Jonathan O'Dea MP  
Member for Davidson