NSW Needs A Change For The Better

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

“This Saturday, the people of Davidson have a very important choice to make - another four years of Labor making excuses for 12 years of mismanagement, or a change for the better.  Jonathan O'Dea, Liberal candidate for Davidson said.

“The reality is, if Labor wins thanks to their dishonest and negative advertising campaign, nothing will change. Michael Costa, Frank Sartor and Joe Tripodi will all be back making a mess of things all over again.

“Labor, including Morris Iemma, have been avoiding our problems for 12 years. That’s why our hospital queues are so long, our schools need urgent repairs, anti-social behaviour is on the rise and stormwater is not being harvested to solve our water crisis.

“After 12 years of Labor, NSW doesn’t need another 4 years of excuses and blame shifting.

“The Liberals have a straight-forward plan to FIX NSW. To start we will tackle the water crisis through large scale stormwater harvesting, recycling and create regional water grids to move water to where it is needed, not Labor’s $2 billion desalination plant,” explained Jonathan O'Dea.

“We will also boost frontline services by transferring resources from the Sydney backroom bureaucracy.  That means 500 more nurses, 200 more teachers and 1720 more police.  It also means we are able to give the proper support and resources they need to do their job.

“Labor’s dishonest, negative scare campaign can’t hide 12 years of mismanagement and the fact that we will just get more of the same if they are re-elected,” warned Jonathan O'Dea.

“That’s why the biggest risk facing NSW at this election is that nothing changes for the better.

“This Saturday I urge everyone to tell Labor they’ve had long enough.  You can vote to FIX NSW by voting Liberal."