"Someone needs you, Jonathan O'Dea"

Friday, 09 March 2007

Jonathan O’Dea, Liberal candidate for Davidson, was so moved after hearing of the recent call to action from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (ARCBS) that he immediately set up an appointment to give blood.

“I used to give blood, but my appointments became more and more infrequent until I hadn't been for a while.

“But, after hearing the Blood Service last week, I realised that I cannot let my life get in the way of saving other people’s lives, especially when giving blood only takes about an hour.

“The message from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is simple – give blood four times a year and you will help save up to 12 lives,” said Mr O’Dea.

The speech that moved Mr O’Dea into action was about the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s new 4 Seasons campaign.

The campaign has been developed to address the escalating demand that will be placed upon the nation’s blood supply over the next decade.

According to a review of Australia’s Plasma Fractionation Arrangements, demand for blood is expected to increase by 123%. This means that current donation rates will need to be doubled for Australia to be able to meet the community’s need for blood and blood products.  

Mr O’Dea will be available for interviews and photos on Tuesday 13 March, 12 noon at the Chatswood Donor Centre, 21 Spring Street.

"Four is the magic number here. The 4 Seasons campaign is encouraging more Australians to commit to becoming lifelong blood donors and for current blood donors to increase their donations to four times a year.

"This is not just a challenge for the Blood Service, but for the entire country and for all Australians,” added Mr O’Dea.

Currently, a little more than half a million Australian blood donors, around 3.5% of the eligible donor population, give just over 1.2 million donations each year.

“The forecast increase in demand means that Australia will need around 2 million individual blood donations each year. Becoming a donor and committing to four donations a year will ensure that people, young and old, have the lifesaving products they need to survive,” Mr O’Dea said.

To become a blood donor visit www.donateblood.com.au or call 13 14 95, and make the commitment to give blood four times a year. Australia needs you.