Quality in Politics

Friday, 27 July 2007

Today, Jonathan O'Dea MP, Liberal for Davidson, was delighted to announce that “the Davidson Electorate Office appears to be the first political or electorate office anywhere in Australia to achieve the international standard of excellence.” 

Davidson Electorate is committed to best practice in the management process of the important business of providing services to the people in our community.  The Davidson electorate office team formed in April 2007 following the NSW election and has brought a fresh approach to ensuring better practice in the delivery of local services and representation. The office management policy, processes and supporting infrastructure comply with the international standard of management and performance.

The team applied for external scrutiny via Third Party Certification for ISO 9001:2000 (the management standard for office operations) and received it from Global-Mark this week.

Jonathan O'Dea said, “I congratulate my Davidson electorate team on reaching this standard and setting an example for other electorate offices. The value of quality and customer satisfaction as evidenced by ISO certification is clearly recognised in the private sector.  It is time that many political offices demonstrated a similar commitment and it is appropriate that the office of a Liberal Party Member is leading the way.”
For confirmation or enquiry about this information please call:

Jonathan O'Dea MP  
Member for Davidson
0418 241 500