Over $1.5 Billion in Community Support

Monday, 10 December 2018

Over the past four years, Davidson electorate constituents have benefitted from over $1.5 billion in NSW Government community support.

Member for Davidson, Jonathan O’Dea has highlighted 115 local projects to receive funding allocations in his latest electorate newsletter.

“It has been a challenge to fit all the funding allocations in,” Mr O’Dea said.

“The welcome boost to services and infrastructure is enabled by a strong economy, overseen by a visionary and economically competent Government.”

“However, not everything can be given a dollar value, such as the 24,000 new weekly bus services, including many locally, as well as additional train services on the T1 North Shore line prior to the new Sydney Metro opening,” he said.

Major funding items include the new Northern Beaches Hospital and associated roadworks, as well as major education capital works for the new Lindfield Learning Village, Killara and St Ives High Schools and St Ives North Public School.

The six page newsletter has colour-coded listings of funding allocations under major suburbs for easy reference.

The newsletter also highlights significant local events over the past six months, including Community Service Awards, Community Building Partnership Grants and local Sports Grants.

Mr O’Dea said a copy of his latest newsletter would be sent to households within the Davidson electorate and could also be obtained through his office.